Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

What a year! Let's look back at 2008:

  • Thousands of breeding cats and dogs were rescued from neglect and misery in puppy mill raids this year.
  • PA, the "puppy mill capitol", passed a bill that requires larger cages, exercise, and annual vet check-ups in order to crack down on puppy mills, also making it so that only professionals may put down animals at a commercial kennel.
  • Louisiana limited breeders to 75 adult dogs (sigh) and Virginia similarly restricted keeping more than 50 dogs older than a year. It's a start!
  • Lawmakers push to strengthen laws against animal fighting, making dogfighting - and even spectating a fight - a felony.
  • Britney went crazy and it was so exciting it kind of eclipsed other things for awhile, for some reason.
  • Prop 2 passed in California, improving the welfare of farm animals all over the state by making it a requirement that they be able to stand up and move around freely in their cages.
  • O Canada! The Frozen North cracked down on animal abusers by toughening its laws, closing up the loopholes, banning animal fighting, and putting penalties in place such as fines up to $60,000, a lifetime ban from animal ownership, and increased jail time.
  • Pedigree Dogs Exposed aired in the UK, sparking massive international outcry - and possibly changing the dog world forever.

Oh ... and of course, the hippest new dog blog hit the scene at some point. But you know that.

Happy New Year. Let's keep this animal welfare ball rolling!


water_bearer said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. Furry and otherwise! Here's hoping that 2009 is an improvement on 2008 for everyone!
WB, Layla, and Elvis the bunny.

GoLightly said...

Happy New Day 2, MoT!
Sorry I'm late:(
I was loving up two lhaso-poos today, both a year old. My husbands' ex. owns them. She's going to breed them. What does that give you?
More poos, or more lhasas?
They're really cute, but boy, did they shed. And, um, what happens when they are bred?
Thanks for the good news, and thanks for your great blog.

WB, I did post my GSD Sam eulogy, just for you, on my blog. Hope you can get a chance to read it.

All the best, in 2009!

To happy critters!

muttpuppiesontrial said...

Happy New Year as well to my two favourite readers! All the best to you and your critters this year. :)