Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This should be the posterchild of MoT.

It's a boxer/Basset hound mix, dug up by our resident American in Copenhagen. Altogether now, let's just put our heads between our knees and be grateful the image doesn't get any bigger than that.

I have a mission, should you choose to accept it. Next time you've got a spare minute, hustle over to Google and dig up the weirdest, most random mix you can possibly find. I can kick things off with Samson here, a Great Dane/Newfoundland so out of proportion there are virtually no words.

And if you ever wondered what a Dalmatian/Shar-pei would look like, well...

For once I can't say what was in my head was worse than what it actually is. (It's a Sharmatian!)

And let's not forget PANDA DOG.

(I'm sorry! I just can't stop looking at it!!)

Well? Get cracking! Shock me. ;)


GoLightly said...

My eyes!! My eyes!!

Ok, WTF is the PandaDog? PLEASE Tell me that's photo-shopped, please???
Ugh, ugh, ugh, poor thing...
omfg. I've lost my appetite.
Thanks MoT and American In Copenhagen, I didn't have the nerve to google. You guys are very, very brave.
I'm going to go hug Flip and Blaze. They LOOK like dogs!!

muttpuppiesontrial said...

LOL, GL. I shared Panda Dog last week!

Here's a fugpuppy I just dug up: Pekingese/Chihuahua. This is weirdly fun...

megan colleen said...

The weirdest looking mix I've seen in real life is a pekingnese/pit bull mix. Imagine the bully head on a tiny peke body with a smushed nose. At six months old that dog was SOOOOO aggressive.

megan colleen said...

And by SOOOOO aggressive I mean that the dog lunged at both myself and Mojo teeth fulling bared and snarling. Mojo's reaction was to playbow and wag his butt. My reaction was to pick up my 45lb dog and hustle him out of the Peke-bull's radius.

muttpuppiesontrial said...

Yikes. Peke attitude with pittie prey drive, I don't even wanna think about it ... let alone the fugly factor!

Apparently the Shar/Dal was very dog-aggressive too. Lucky thing it ended up with somebody who I guess has a thing for hippo faces and no other dogs, or things might have ended badly for Sharmatian. Why don't people think when they let their intact dogs run around the neighbourhood ...?

starrypawz said...

I think I mentioned it before but I have actually encountered a St.BernardxBasset. I think though he was just one of those freak oops breedings. Lets see he was a long bodied, chunky dog, had small legs, a st.bernard head and st.bernard colouration. I've also seen Cocker (or may have been a Springer) crossed with a Staffy.
I do have to admit though that the panda dog looks kinda cute.

GoLightly said...

Jeeeeze, how did I miss that!

Sorry, I will go see how I "follow" you. Where WAS I??

That was just weird. Yes, indeed that would hurt. I tried dying my eyelashes, since I don't have any, OWWWWWW.
Dye hurts. It's bad for people's hair, and bad for dogz.

thus-sung said...

Bloodhound/great dane:

Whippet x Border collie:

L said...

Hey, Cesar found a family of those SharDals on the episode where he rode along on AC calls. They're oddly adorable, but the ones he found were put down for aggression.

I had a Begollie when I was young. It just looked like a random dog though, nothing too weird.

Here's 31 pages of mutt puppies! Now I want a chow/rottie :(! Pg 2, 6, 7, 10... heck, every page has something goofy on it.

muttpuppiesontrial said...

Wow. Guess Shar/Dals are a bad idea then.

I must say, though, that the shepherd/husky on page 2 of the mutt photos is gorgeous...

Where has Bloodhound/Dane's neck gone? :(

water_bearer said...

On looks alone, all of these dogs with the exception of the Sharmation look like Frankendogs. Sometimes, crosses make for double the cuteness. For my taste, Labs and Poodles are vanilla, but Labradoodles are frickin adorable (most of the time). These poor beasts look like someone literally took parts from different dogs and stuck them on a Mr. Potatodog model. Yikes!
And I still cannot find that widget or website or whatever it was that was all the rage a couple of years ago where you upload a picture of just about any animal and they're immediately colored like the WWF panda, replete with the logo. My friend used to have a pic of her Akita done like that on the dog's MySpace page (don't laugh, my dog has one too), but it's not there anymore and I couldn't find anything similar with a word search.
Oh, and there has been a sudden rash of Chorkies in the local paper lately. That's exactly what happens when I think of them, too. I break out in hives. Blech.

an American in Copenhagen said...

Ahhh! My eyes are burning!

I find Grat Danes quite elegant but why do crosses with them always come out looking so awful. All the crosses seem to have proportionately small heads and small hind ends and lack the tuck up in the loin to balance the whole picture. Gack.

I have a soft spot for sight hounds and love lurchers (greyhound or whippets crossed with just about anything else) even more. I find that Whippet x Border Collie to be the perfect mix of elegant and scruffy. One man's trash is another man's treasure, I guess.

I think this dog is HIDEOUS but hopefully someone disagrees with me 'cause he's looking for a new home:

Can we say out of proportion? His head isn't that bad but it still has a touch of the 'sinus infection look' from the shar pei.

muttpuppiesontrial said...

Yowch, that is an odd-looking beast. [squint] He looks like a mix between a horse and a corgi...