Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Breeder Wars, part 3

[buries head in hands] This is getting bizarre.

Take a look at Sherry Carter's revised slander page.

First she links to my post on Fuzzy Wuzzy to back her point about the Shorkie Club brokering puppies. Then she drops the link to my blog all over the page and (I think) insinuates that I either A) am on board with Priceless Pups, or B) am a sock puppet of Priceless Pups.

I get the feeling she didn't read my whole post.

Ladies, my blog is not about you.

My blog is about purebred dogs and designer dogs and how one group is neither better nor worse than the other. As an offshoot of that, my blog is also about the health problems in purebreds and why mixed-breeding does not eradicate that. And sometimes, to demonstrate how dog owners can be taken in by this belief, I complain about breeders who promote the idea. Cindy, you do this. Sherry, you do this too. (Stefanie from Priceless Pups, you don't do this and I think I love you for it.)

This is getting absurd. It's been fun, but I am done here! I'm not taking down anything I've said about either of you until you can prove that it's untrue. And since I haven't said anything like that you select one pup from every litter to drink its blood during the autumn equinox, or even that you don't care about your dogs, don't expect those posts to come down any time soon.

To my readers, we'll be back on track with a proper MoT-style post this afternoon.

And to Sherry, well, thanks for pimping my blog. ;)

EDIT: Revised again! I can't keep up with you people!


megan colleen said...

Thanks for doing these posts. I'm considering getting a smaller dog for my second dog to be companion to Mojo and myself, however shorkies, mopsy, lopsy and cottontail are not on the lists of breeds.

i know of even MORE people to stay away from. :)

Granted I would also never adopt a dog sight unseen, or even not handled by myself, from the internet. But it's good to know of the silly breeders who try to take in silly ignorant people of today's society.

(PS: I originally thought a shorkie was a yorkie-sheltie mix.. thank god it's not)

muttpuppiesontrial said...

Yeah, I don't think anybody here would be silly enough would buy a dog online... Enough if you find an awesome breeder, you still run the risk of not being able to meet Mom and Dad, the biggest indicators of temperament. Plus you want to meet baby!

If you get a second dog, promise to share pictures! ;)

As a last note, these breeders are revising their slander pages faster than I can keep up with ... but Sherry's latest amendment made me smile.

GoLightly said...

Sorry, brains haven't been stuffed back into brain case, yet. I read this post, and POOF, brains started leaking again.
WTF are they rattling on about?

My head hurts.

Keep up whatever the heck you're doing, MoT. It seems to rattle their cages:)
That has to be a good thing.