Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not Dead/Kidnapped/Amnesic

Sorry for going MIA! Let's just say that if there's one thing the Angry Pig is getting good at, it's needlessly scaring the pee out of her mummy.

I'm back with only a news story, I'm afraid, and an old one at that, but it really jumped out at me.

(WARNING: Graphic images.) Great Dane starved down to 75lb last year.

The dog was seized by animal control who said the dog could barely stand, it had sores on its hindquarters where it hadn’t moved, and they could count every notch on its spine from the base of its neck to the tip of its tail. There is also a huge swelling on its front leg that they don’t know what it is yet.

[...] The dog’s owner is currently in rehab and the owner’s aunt was supposed to have been feeding her. The dog has been starved for months but right next to her kennel in a covered trash can were bags of dog food meant to feed her.

As for the people that did this, Animal Control Officer Carl Bolton promises action, soon.

Well, "justice" was served five and a half months later in the form of a 90-day home incarceration and two-year probation. (Small graphic thumbnail image.)

“It’s one of the few, if not the first, convictions that’s happened in Knox County for abuse of a dog,” said Knox County Animal Control Officer and Constable Carl Bolton. “I’m tickled with what we got. It’s a start.”

But not everyone was pleased that Whitaker could avoid any jail time.

“I am very disappointed in the Knox County court system,” said Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter Manager Amy Young. “I feel like they let the dog down, and us down, and all the people who cared for her, all the people who came out to support her. I think I can say on behalf of them that we are all disappointed.

“It just bothers me that this guy can get up off his couch and get something to drink whenever he wants,” she said. “If he were in jail, he’d have to ask for it.”

Princess, the Dane, knew two months of TLC before being euthanized due to cancer.

So much for Romeo's Law.

Oh, America. When can we rally all the states, drop the slaps on the wrist, and really throw the book at these people? Preferably a really big, heavy book. And maybe not throw. Maybe smash The Complete Works of Shakespeare into the face of Princess' deadbeat owner. And then starve him down to 75lb.

BAM. The sweet sound of justice.


GoLightly said...


It's called RESPONSIBILITY for your OWN actions, people.
Oh, we don't need that!

Did you know, that in Ontario, Canada, if you drink too much, you are no longer responsible for your actions, and it becomes other people's fault when you KILL someone, driving drunk?
Yeah, that 90 day house probation is sure a hardship. ASShats.

Och, the system is so fucked right up.
Great Post.

starrypawz said...

I'm getting so fed up of this whole 'slap on the wrist' system sure the owner got convicted but he barley got anything and that is just plain not good enough. It's pathetic the things people are getting away with these days. I wish that police forces would actually deal with criminals properly instead of dealing with red tape and arresting people for stupid offenses just to make targets.

Anyway before I go off on an epic comment rant I was thinking, we've had posts about finding/telling about the strangest dog crosses we've seen, what about the strangest dog names that we've seen people use for their pets. I've met a pug who was named of all things Botox, and a dog named Tinkerbell, now that doesn't seem too bad of a name but it doesn't really fit a St.Bernard does it?

GoLightly said...

How about calling your dog Noah?

Sorry, I think that's a really bad name, for english speaking people.

My husband's ex calls her one maltie poo Noah, the other Hannah.

I dunno, seems kinda negative to me.

I'm glad it was a "harsher" punishment than usual. It just wasn't NEARLY harsh enough, because we've lost the understanding behind personal responsibility for your OWN actions. These cruel, stupid actions just don't have bad enough consequences to act as a strong enough deterrent.