Sunday, October 26, 2008

Those awful vicious breeds!

I love this!!

They forgot a breed, though: Small humans. Raising a little human responsibly requires more homework than any dog breed you can come up with ... funny how so few people seem to do their research! For instance, people under the age of 10 make up the majority of dog bite victims... That's a good nugget of information to have! Maybe you should keep your little one on a leash - or at least teach it to ask before petting, hmm?

On the other hand, if I hear of one more person throwing a hissy fit at an owner because their kid just got a free face-wash from a happy Doberman, I suggest you demand how that parent dare endanger their own child's life by allowing it in a car! Because really ... your odds of being bit by a dog are approximately 1 in 50. Your kid is more likely to be involved in a serious car accident (hello, leading cause of death in children). Exercise caution around any dog, but I promise you ... sometimes, that tail-waggin' Dobey or Rottweiler really does just want to make friends!


GoLightly said...

I read somewhere, and it makes a lot of sense, that the more comments you get, the more hits you get.
So, as I will continue to say, GREAT post, again. Unfortunately, I can't tell the difference between number of comments, and numbers of words in a comment, sorry! Little dogs, dear and sweetie blossoms that they are. 'Specially those twisted things they're breeding nowadays. You've of course seen the worst ugly dogs site, all oh-so-(NOT)-funny deformities.
"Sega", my next door neighbour at work dog, (Jack/Yorkie) gave a nice bite to a little boys face. Just missed his eye. He'd grown up with retrievers/big dogs/my Flip, who LOVES kids.
My old kelpie mix (30 lbs at her trimmest, 10 lbs when I got her), bit my nephew in the face, and it was so totally my fault:(
Early on in our time together, my dear roomie at the time even warned me, lalalala, twit I was, my dog won't bite!! Ya, they do, and they'll warn ya and everything. My old girl bit me, the first and only dog bite I've ever had, and I learned a lot from it, too!! (I'd had her maybe 3 months, playing rough soccer ball, she chose my leg, right after I thought to myself, hmm, haven't been doing much training lately)
All dogs will bite, given the right circumstances/provocation.. Except maybe Flip, she'd probably pee on you first. And if you were a kid, it wouldn't happen, she'd be too busy licking. She has the softest temperament I've ever met, loves everybody, kids especially, like a darned retriever! I had to laugh at a recent Cesar, he found two overwhelmingly happy/friendly/hyper/jumping Goldens very tiring:)
I know what he means!! My sister has a neighbour with one of those. They feel nothing but love for you, even if you're knocking them backwards as they jump all over you. They LOVE you. I hate that:)
I've read the softer they are, i.e. Goldies/labs the less pain they feel. But if they ever do, look out! It's that "rage avalanche" thing.
The only person Flip's shown a fear of is (of course) my current psycho-neighbour, who managed to starve her first dog of companionship on a 24/7 chain, (and put the dog down two weeks after my old kelpie-mix passed, because she showed pain) and trained her second to be hit by a car.
Another rambling post from moi.

Now, c'mon people. PLEASE. Read this blog!
Let's get some knowledge on dogs out there, before you say "Oh, I want a DOG"!
I'm commented out.
p.s. Could you please get rid of the word-verification thing? I am not on super high speed, and things often take a couple of tries. Or is it better for security?
If yes, never mind.

GoLightly said...

Oh, p.s. my old girl did the right thing, it was a warning nip, he'd jumped on her, out of my sight (MY BAD) while she was sleeping. (My nephew was maybe five at the time)
Let sleeping dogs lie, he learned. Scared the CRAP out of me. I trained cats and horses for years, geee, dogs bite??
Always something new to learn.
Hey there's two comments, and I'll shut up now.


GoLightly said...

Weird! I just read today's about your Cesar thoughts, tried to comment, and got an error message, and now, today's blog is gone. Guess you're trying to get rid of word verification, cause it is gone here, thanks!!
But, put your blog back up?? I am so not a geeek.
I agree that people who don't really know what they're doing think Cesar's kicking/hitting/slapping/whatever the dog. They are taps, and as you call them, light smacks. They are redirect touch, given with zero emotion, no anger, just an "excuse me??" type of thing. The dog does often yelp, with surprise. Big difference from the scream my ex-trainer demonstrated as a training technique. But, from what I've seen out in dog land, at the very least he's saying Walk Your Dog. Tire him first, then train, then love.
Anyway, Great post, wherever the heck it went:)

muttpuppiesontrial said...

:) Sorry, GL. For some reason I just felt weird about putting that post up - I'll go over it again and see if I can put my finger on it before I put it back up.

Thanks for the comments! And yes, I got rid of the word verification. :) Didn't even know it was required for you guys!

GoLightly said...

It sounded good to me, but I hear you, it's hard to put this stuff into words, without sounding like a proponent of violence. It's very instinctual, dog training, I think, anyway, and it's easy for newbies to copy someone, and do the same thing in exactly the wrong way &/or at the wrong time.
I admit, my eyes still glaze over with positive reinforcement/punishment. Most newbies haven't studied behaviour, in any form. I've been studying animals since before I could walk:)
My punishment with my super sensitive kelpies is my ah-ah sound, or glares. I use thumbs up as my non-verbal cue for good. I'd never dream of touching them to "punish", except when Flip's fixated on a squirrel hole. I have to go and get her attention, with just a light tap on the shoulder, (like "Hellllooo??") if I can't get her to look at me.
My husband, (an old farm boy) on the other hand, feels a slap is required, in certain transgressions. I still disagree with him on that. Blaze the puppy is quite "dominant", at least compared to Flip, the definition of sometimes overly-obsequious submission. Flip actually has always gotten what she wanted by being a suck. The classic female manipulator! Blaze, when first woken up as a puppy, would rarely snap at whatever woke her. My husband smacked her firmly on the nose when she did it to him. She was what, maybe four months old. She has started to growl at him now, when he comes near her, when she's resting quietly, as I've asked her to do. He doesn't get what he taught her, yet. Unfortunately, the breeder agreed with him:) People are VERY hard to train. Dogs are easy! I told her to get up and move, when she did it to me, once. Don't like the behaviour, get the dog to offer a new one, no big deal..
Another husband annoyance is his insistence on "happy" excitement, when he comes home. He still doesn't get he's training/rewarding anxiety, and a lot of people never do.....

Commented, and out!
Have a great night, MT!!