Thursday, October 30, 2008

An afterthought...

Two things I forgot to mention in the post below:

EXERCISE! This is another thing Cesar advocates, and he's very right. Take the time to burn off your pet's excess energy and you'll both be happier. A bored and restless dog will be a constant frustration to you. Take little Sparky for walks and you'll find it easier to train and handle him in general.

And secondly, you can practise being the "pack leader" without rolling your dog over. Just try telling him to sit before you give him food, or put on his leash - if he's getting too wound up when playing, tell him to lie down. You get the idea. These small things can affirm that you're the one calling the shots. Not Sparky!


GoLightly said...

Right on:)
keeping it short..
Hi Tip, sez Flip.
Commented, and out.

muttpuppiesontrial said...

Tip says hi! Then he yawned in my face, haha. :)
Thanks for commenting, again!