Sunday, October 26, 2008

Milwaukee Raid

We're still a young blog, but on the off chance I have any readers from Wisconsin out there, anybody interested in adopting a puppy? Another puppy mill raid means plenty of dogs to be rehomed!

It takes a lot of commitment and love to bring a puppy mill survivor home for the first time in its life - in fact, it can be a very difficult process for both the dog and you. Remember that these dogs have never had the chance to be dogs in their lives, and they're a long way from fetching you your slippers. But this site and this one can give you some idea of what to expect. If you're at all interested in giving a survivor a forever home - or fostering, or helping in any way - keep an eye on the news (or this blog, as I'll be keeping an eye out, too) for any puppy mill raids near you.

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GoLightly said...

I make custom signs, I should post them outside a certain "Pet Store" that has sprung up in my area. It's a PJ "express"....
Pet Smart couldn't cut it in this area, but instant animals, THAT should sell.
Oh, well....
See?? Another comment, and it's even, mercifully, brief.