Thursday, October 2, 2008

At last a ray of sunshine!

Massive puppy mill raid went down in PA yesterday. Hundreds of dogs out of approximately 508 were rescued. My question is, why the hell was a guy TWICE convicted of animal cruelty allowed to own a kennel at all? At least the state's keeping on him. Maybe this time they can actually figure out how to stop him for good! Third time's the charm, I hear... For more good news from my neck of the woods, Quebec raids second puppy mill in less than a week. Awesome! They're saying the raids should make the public more aware of puppy mills - I sure hope so. If you're too lazy to click links, 157 dogs and a cat were rescued from a mill in Quebec and sheltered. Good for Quebec and PA!

As it seems we're having a puppy mill day today, I'll share two handy links to anti-puppy mill sites:

No Puppy Mills Canada! I like this site because it's packed with good information and links, whether you're Canadian or not. LOVE how they think to warn you about AKC/CKC registered dogs being no guarantee of quality, because this is another ruse you see a lot! Great educational site, unfortunately it doesn't personally get involved with shutting mills down or tell you a lot about what you can do to help the cause (apart from boycotting petstores and BYBs), which leads us to...

Stop Puppy Another strong educational site, run by the Humane Society US. It's got lots of great info, and it tells you what to do if you suspect there's a puppy mill operating near you. You can also send in a Breeder Complaint form (same link) to help them out by tracking and reporting these people. Like No Puppy Mills, it's also got some powerful testimonials from people who bought/rescued puppy mill dogs.

So have a poke around, and I'll return soon with something no doubt slanderous about muttpuppies!


water_bearer said...

This is just so disgusting. PA is apparently the puppy mill cap. of the U.S. When I hear that he was cited before, my first thought is not that the laws and fines don't make a difference, it's that they're NOT SEVERE ENOUGH!
Oh... and seeing as how you can registered dead dogs with the AKC, for all their worth, they ignore more problems than they prevent. I'll try and find the email exchange I had with an AKC rep when I found that "blue-eyed mini merle Colonial Cocker" breeder whose website I can't find now. I then sent her the Dakota Winds link too.
I'll grant you that at the time it was not some of my most even-tempered writing, but the gist of what I was asking what they were doing about people like this, and her excuses would probably make you cringe as bad as some of these breeders.

water_bearer said...

BTW - ever seen this?

water_bearer said...

Whoa! What's with the "possible violation of terms of service" warning from blogger that came up when I clicked on your link? Angry breeder retaliation?
Hope you're up and running soon. When you are, here's an interesting topic that shouldn't get you in trouble with anyone. Woot woot for the UK!
P.S. - email me privately (see blogger profile) if there IS some kind of retaliation / complaint thing going on. I'll do what I can to help.

muttpuppiesontrial said...

Thanks so much WB! No breeder's revenge going on or anything, though - apparently they're just checking that I'm not a spam blog. I sent in a request to be unlocked and had to send it again yesterday... lol I'm the only human I know who has trouble with those 'type the letters you see in the box' things! Hopefully MoT will be back up tomorrow.

Thanks for the link! I'll check it out now. :)