Saturday, November 29, 2008

Now it all makes sense

This Saturday I'm at my mother's house for an ol'-fashioned family Thanksgiving dinner, since my sister is visiting from NYC, and I think if I hear one more tune from Kenny & Dolly's "Once Upon a Christmas" I may start throwing the stuffing.

So it's just a quick entry today, but it sure made me smile:

Cheers, thus-sung!

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water_bearer said...

That's a great picture. I saw one on the net months ago while trying to look up something about genetics and it was great too. I wished I had copied and saved it because I can't find it now.
It was a simple black ink cartoon. There's a male centaur on a beach face to face with a female mermaid. It's love at first site. Above each of their heads is a thought bubble. He's envisioning the beautiful mermaid baby they'll have, she's envisioning the strong centaur baby they'll have. In between the two of them is a plus sign and next to the equal sign after both of them is the "real" baby: a bug-eyed fish head on a scaly torso with no arms, attached to a horse's ass.