Sunday, November 23, 2008

Extra, extra!

HSUS points the finger! After an eight-month investigation, the Humane Society brands Petland the nation's leading retail supporter of puppy mills. Nobody is especially surprised. Home reporter MoT urges readers to boycott Petland, or at the very least, don't buy their puppies no matter how cute they are. The puppies, not the Petlands. Petland retaliates with "We do not support substandard breeding facilities and we provide each Petland store with 'Humane Care Guidelines,' that were developed in conjunction with the U.S.D.A. to assist with breeder facility inspections as it pertains to pet selection" to general public, then says "I know you are, but what am I!" to the HSUS, and refuses to invite them to its birthday party. It makes no promise to stop selling puppies or at least spay every dog before it leaves their possession, so MoT is not all that impressed.

Ohio reporter slanders "teacup" breeders. MoT expresses desire to buy him a drink.

Florida finally steps up after suspicious buyer does not receive a health certificate with puppy! MoT gives a cheer! Also finds on breeder's website a) spelling/grammar errors ("love of my life has went to Rainbow Ridge"), b) Christian references, and c) term "fur babies" running rampant, but is not surprised. MoT also expresses hope that they "throw the book at 'er".

Australian man attempts to pay bill with drawing of a spider. MoT laughs and laughs.

Happy Sunday, all.


GoLightly said...

No-one will listen, but I think Pet "Stores" should be illegal.
Pet Supplies, fine. Buying pets from a store. NOT fine.

Puppy Mill Supporters should be what they are known as.

Great post, per usual.
Scritching my Flip, hope your Tip is well:)

GoLightly said...

May I rant?
My brothers' land-lady just got a five-WEEK old siberian husky puppy.
Five Weeks.
Maybe that's another criteria for a puppy mill. Adopting them out BEFORE they are READY. Hey, puppies cost money, the sooner they're out the door, the better....

Poor puppy.

muttpuppiesontrial said...

Yikes! He's only just starting to figure out the world! What are they thinking, adopting him out to a new home? What if weaning him early affects his immune system later?

This lady doesn't sound very dog-savvy, what on earth is she doing with a husky? Poor baby. :(