Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A break in the monotony...

I couldn't not share this: Announcing the Miracle of Birth Videotape! Be warned if you're of a sensitive nature - don't worry, it's not an actual tape; just a good breeder with a less-than-sunshiney (but hilarious) sense of humour. :) I recommend you print it out and staple-gun it to your idiot neighbourhood wannabreeder's front door. I know we've all got one.


Hyena Overlord said...

Love the video idea. Do they make one for cats and horses?

muttpuppiesontrial said...

I sure wish! I can't imagine what a horse birthing is like; I think I'd die of stress without even knowing what it actually entails.

GoLightly said...

It's about the same, only bigger:)
And, thankfully, usually only one comes out...

muttpuppiesontrial said...

I think what strikes terror into my heart is the fact that baby foals are so ... pointy and full of legs and a third the size of their mothers. Puppies are soft and tube-shaped and the size of mittens, and the thought of passing one of those is much less alarming to me... LOL

thus-sung said...

I hope that you aren't passing either, mutt.

GoLightly said...

Puppies smell like, well, the smell is unique, isn't it? Until I had my own puppy, I didn't like the smell much, but oh, Blaze's puppy paws smelled like popcorn:)
Foals are sweet smelling, right from birth, I think so, anyway!
Donkey foals, ooooh..
Yeah the scale factor is a little mind boggling.

Score a huge one for Judge Judy!
She outed a Puppy Miller!
Puppy "Miller" Sherman Henson, Yakima WA tried to sell a T-Cup Chihuahua, that ended up a 12 pounder, the owner did a DNA test, zero evidence of T-Cup!
Cute dog, but the "breeder" had no papers, wouldn't let the buyer come to the house. Judy was FURIOUS with him. YES!!
He admitted to owning 9 females and 3 males. Girl kept the dog, and got her $$ BACK!!
Judy told the Miller that the Humane Society was going to hear about him:)

Judge Judy for President!!

muttpuppiesontrial said...

Alright Judge Judy! Gotta love that woman. And I like puppy smell! It's .. milky. :) Though admittedly I've never sniffed one immediately after birth ... I'd rather not sniff anything immediately after birth though.

TS: That would be especially alarming considering I'm not even married. What a scandal that would make!

thus-sung said...

Just call up Brangelina, they'll adopt the babies before the press even gets the news.

Hyena Overlord said... cat having kittens under my bed when I was 16 and pooting out my own offspring when I was 23 was enough to deter me. I never want to be involved in anyone elses birthing, human or animal, not even sea monkeys.