Friday, November 14, 2008

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a backyard-bred muttpuppy who had seizures. Maybe.

Can I just say I find it a little bit creepy when breeders call their puppies "fur babies"? Just a small pet peeve of mine.

These friendly backyard breeders sell "fuzzy wuzzies", a mix between Bichon frises and Shih-tzus. (Though they do tell us, "The name don't make the dog the breeder does....") They make sure to point out on the front page that they breed for quality and not quantity, and then list the six litters born in October. Sigh.

(The site actually is used by six different breeders - but all of them have litters at the same time? Yeesh. Smells fishy to me.)

Every red flag is laid out in plain view.

1. Cutesy irrelevent graphics and Christian references all over the place. (No offense to my fellow Christians, I'm just wondering why it is the crazies always seem to drape their religion all over their sites.)

2. They ship your puppy, and not just to the continental US. One pup on this site went all the way to Italy. Whew. And I thought exposing a young dog to Christmas Day bustle could cause problems.

3. "Why cross breed?" For hybrid vigour, of course!

I think every designer dog site has one of these pages. Why do we cross breed? they ask themselves, and then go into a long-winded explanation about how mixed breeds are healthier than purebreeds - or else a very sparse explanation that comes down to the same point in fewer words, like on this site.

Here's another flag - health warranty full of loopholes. They don't cover hypoglycemia, which is common in small dogs; no money (or "monies") is refunded if your dog dies, and the warranty is void if you don't have your pup checked by a vet within 48 hours of receiving it or don't keep your puppy on their brand of vitamins. I find it bizarre that they don't cover disorders "caused by the environment or stress", such as hypoglycemia or thyroid disorder (which you CAN screen for before breeding), yet they cover "Démodé tic mange" (which is demodectic mange, if that took you a moment, and isn't common in either parent breed anyway). Fantastic!

And I personally consider it a pretty big indicator of unprofessionalism when your site is riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes. "All theses things are this puppy," what? "Whishing you and your family happy holiday moments"? It's so hard to take someone seriously when their online "voice" is that of an ESL thirteen-year-old. There are six of you, surely at least ONE of you knows how to type.

It give me headaches.

Groan. I'm done here.


water_bearer said...

Oh boy. This one is a gem. It meets all the requirements of a person (or persons) who should not be allowed to own a houseplant, let alone breed some fugly puppies.
Why six litters in Oct. you ask? So they'll be old enough to go home for Christmas of course!
They're handled from day one and given lots of affection. OK.
Nothing about training or socialization other than that though.
Every single thing on this site sends up red flags. There are literally too many to list. Bad spelling and grammar including different spellings of the same word within the same paragraph and in links to their own tabs. Random capitalization And punctuatio'n.
Vaguely worded health waranty / warrantee / warrante. Is it void if you breed the dog, or do you require that all puppies be spayed and neutered? Oh. I'm sorry. I meant "spade" or "nutured."
Some incomprehensible (and impossible) talk about hybrid vigor and the heterosis effect (when those terms mean the same thing) prove they don't know what they're talking about. Further, they don't seem to be too sure whether it's "heterosis" or "hetarist's". I don't know who the Hetarists are, but they sound like a diverse bunch.
What a load of crap these people are shilling.
Oh... and you did catch the page of puppies dressed in outfits, right?
Idiots like this make me ten times as mad as someone who at least thinks they have a long term plan or are breeding for some personality trait or niche.
Did you notice they've even made up their own registry?
Oh yeah... and those puppies are friggin ugly.

Roanqueen said...

following from the fine FHOTD tradition I suggest a game of out the asshat.. Today's guest is Cindy Miller of AURORA, MO 65605. The focus of today's post. I looked at the original site from the post and something about the health guarantee caught my eye-

The (very) limited warranty is void unless you buy this special food from a website. The proprietor being kind enough to "give" her a sales list, so she knows who's buying and who's not.
"You can not get it in the store you have to get it online. We require you get it from as we get a list of customers. So we know who is on it and who is not. They offer wonderful auto ship program I recommend using it. The auto ship program will save you about 20% on the retail price. "-from site

seemed kinda fishy so i looked the site up- seems Cindys choice pet food is run by no other than miss Cindy Miller of AURORA, MO 65605. Not a huge surprise there. Also not surprised she owns all the other sites linked on her page as well.

I figured if she would lie about dog food what else is she hiding. So I googled the number listed on cindys pet food site and found-
turns out she also breeds chihuahuas. going further down the rabbit hole I found her other site-
more of the same as the first site- same crappy guarantee, same requirements to buy her food from her for 5 years. oh and she also breeds Chorkies and Shorkies and Yorkies. And that's not all- she also breeds Shih Tzus and Angus cattle. just google her name or any number on any of her sites and like visa she's everywhere you want to be baby.

finding that treasure trove i also looked into her vitamin she also requires to maintain her "health guarantee" and no surprise shes a distributor, her and like every other breeder on the web

this woman is no quality breeder she runs several puppy mills if her endless list of sites, breeds and 800/877 numbers is any example.
google is your friend- try it- took me all of about 15 minutes to find what i did

muttpuppiesontrial said...

Oh dear; you're both right, seems I missed a lot! This week's been busy and I felt bad about not posting, so I kind of threw this one together. I tell ya, the more I dig, the less I want to know about this place. These breeders are nuts on top of illiterate.

water_bearer said...

Good digging roanqueen. Now we just need enough people to get as pissed as the rest of us so we can really out the asshats here.

Roanqueen said...

it's a monumental task indeed but Rome wasn't built in a day. I was just aghasted at the transparency of this womans operations- no shame what so ever

GoLightly said...

Puppy Miller, int the extreme. Animal Product Manufacturer.

Nice catch. So sad, how many of them are REALLY out there.
Poor little products.
(shudders again)

Good catch!

I still want to picket the new Express Pet Sore
I mean store.
Pet Smart couldn't make it around here, but hey, buy Pets, express!!!!
(shudders again)