Monday, November 10, 2008

Why I love Over the Hedge

1. Rockin' soundtrack. This movie introduced me to Ben Folds, who is great.

2. The animation. Stunning! Even when the bear villain is in the throes of a murderous rage, I want to pet him and give him a big hug, he looks so wonderfully soft.

3. I don't care if it's a kids' movie, it makes me laugh. You try watching and not fall in love with the William Shatner possum!

4. "My father's face was so flat. It was beautiful. He could hardly breathe!" That line was from a cat, but it goes both ways. This cat also says he has no sense of smell, since his face was bred for beauty. (It's a good thing for the sake of the movie, since he falls for the skunk, but whatever.) Are you listening, breeders?

5. The obligatory crazed Rottweiler is not, for perhaps the first time in movie history, a vicious brute bent on ripping the peaceable woodland creatures to shreds for invading his territory, but a goofy overgrown puppy who wants nothing more than to play with them. Rock on.

There is so much we can learn from childrens' movies.

Back soon with some muttpuppy-bashing.

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GoLightly said...

Babe, the movie Babe. Not the second one, only the first one. I cry, every ridiculous time...
I liked OTH, too, but not as much as Babe...
My husband thinks I'm crackers, but he loved it when I finally bought him "cars". Keeps him quiet if I'm watching Monsters Inc. or
Babe, sniffle...
The suburbs are getting larger populations of some wild animals than the country now, I think! They loove golf courses..
I HATE Golf courses:) Dad & brother both golf, and when I've been forced to go to a function at the "Club", I just cringe, don't ask me why!! It's just wrong..

Great article in NewsScientist, british science mag, gave a page mention to the video re: syringiomyelia etc. etc. etc.
How the pure-bred is a closed book, and the health defects just keep growing, and growing, and....

Blathered on, and out!