Monday, February 23, 2009

The Pedigree Dogs Debate Continues

Check out this report by the RSPCA!

Because each breed has its own problems there is unlikely to be one cure-all solution. However, the authors have suggested a number of possible ways forward. The four measures considered to be of greatest priority are:

  • Systematic collection of data on the diseases all dogs suffer from and causes of death.
  • Changes to current registration rules to prevent the registration of puppies born from the mating of close relatives.
  • Changes to current registration rules to allow new genetic material to be introduced into breeds. Currently a dog can only be registered with the Kennel Club if both its mother and father are registered members of that breed’s studbook.
  • Monitoring of the effectiveness of any changes to breeding strategies.

Essentially, quit linebreeding and open the registries!! Yes!

Will it give the Kennel Club any food for thought? I sure hope so. In the meantime, I hereby call the role of president of the Mark Evans Fanclub. Who's with me??


GoLightly said...

(raises hand)
Count me in.
I love that guy...

STOP INBREEDING. Oh, it's okay, it's a DOG.
ahem, sorry. I know line-breeders everywhere are cowering before that statement. Not.
gr8 post, as usual.
where you Been??

an American in Copenhagen said...

Great! Now we need to provide the people with breeding stock a well thought out plan of action or at least the inspiration to make one for themselves. I highly suspect that the breed club's won't be the ones to do this so it's up to the top breeders of the future to start the ball rolling: decide on the best way forward for their breed(health testing, outcrossing and to which other breeds, etc), bite the bullet and DO IT, and start keeping records of how everything is progressing.

How about a feature of some sucessful outcross programs: Dalmation, Working Red/Irish Setter, Bobtail Boxers, etc? Outcrossing and then selecting over just a few generations quickly gets back a "show quality" dog but with greater genetic diversity and possibly with a problematic or desirable trait added or removed as the case may be.

water_bearer said...

Wow. It warms meh cockles, I tell ya, to hear stuff like this. Maybe, just MAYBE this is the beginning of the ball rolling toward convincing the AKC such measures are needed. I doubt that ball will roll over anything significant in my lifetime unless there's a major shake-up at the AKC, but one can hope.
Woot woot for the RSPCA. Layla gives it two paws up!

muttpuppiesontrial said...

AC: I did indeed write a post on outcrossing! Right over here. :) I'm glad the report alludes to outcrossing. Especially if it's to be monitored closely.