Wednesday, February 25, 2009

10 Strangest Mutts

Longtime reader Ala sent me this adorably funny article: 10 Strangest Mutts (part 2). Hands up, who totally wants to snuggle that second pooch! Mohawks are totally going on my list of features I love in a dog, right up there with beards and shaved butts, y'all. :) What a great way to promote the mutts they have up for adoption.

Now hands up, those who find the last dog on the list to be the freakiest-looking muttpuppy they've ever seen!


GoLightly said...

The last dog? That's the dog I saw at the park!
But the ears were up. Corgi/GSD?
A no legs, GSD?

I want Squirt. I must be disturbed.

water_bearer said...

The part about a PBGVBC with a CGC cracked me up.
I'd take any of 'em really, except the Shar Pei mixes. Never met one that looked trustworthy.

KuKuKaChew said...

The PCPBGASJDKAHF dog is ugly! But... I hate pretty much any dog that looks like that. My boyfriend's parents have a black shaggy dog thing named Jingles and he's a psychotic asshole. He'll go from being nice to trying to kill you in the blink of an eye.

But I'm sure that one is sweet. I just never trusted or liked dogs that look like that, and after meeting jingles it reinforced my opinions.

I LOVE NUMBER 10. and number 6. I have a boxer mix so that's why I like number 10, and he's goofy as hell and makes faces like number 6. So freaking CUTE.

KuKuKaChew said...

Oh, and my boxer mutt had red mange a few months after I got him, and went through a stage looking exactly like that pup!

Smudge(my wubby) is 3/4 boxer, 1/8 pitt, and 1/8 black lab. According to his "breeders". He was an oops I think. They normally breed pure boxers. They didn't give him puppy shots and told us that he was vaccinated, and he got parvo a month later. He spent three weeks at the vet, during the day at one vet, and during the night at another vet 20 miles away. He made it though and went to be most likely the greatest dog of my life! I am young so that might change, but I doubt it.

All I know that he is the greatest dog EVER. Tongue is so long it hangs almost out constantly, even when his mouth is closed or he's sleeping. Black with 4 white paws, white chest, white smudge on his nose, and a little white patch on his butt!

an American in Copenhagen said...

I definitely want the dog with the mowhawk.

I wonder how these dogs were even created. I mean, how often do you even see half of these rare breeds in the same room with each other (outside of a dog show), let alone doing the deed!

Jenna Z said...

This is pretty much my biggest pet peeve with shelters-when they try their hand at guessing the mix. Please! Just say __lb. mutt and let the perspective adopter observe without preconceived notions. If the shelter says x-y mix but the dog is actually a-b mix, they are doing a great disservice to the dog and anyone who adopts it taking breeds x and y into account (thinking they can predict lifespan, future health issues, temperment, etc. based on them).

(Oh, hi! I'm a new reader, I should probably introduce myself! I'm a Corgi person who shows in obedience, rally and we're training for freestyle.)

L said...

Have you seen this Onion piece?

I'm Thinking About Getting A Dog To Neglect