Thursday, February 5, 2009


This week has been busy! And now I'm afraid all I've got time for is to bring you all down with this unhappy tale.

I'm sorry. But seriously, holy crap! Even worse than the fact that cops are killing dogs is the underlying idea that BSL will not work to lessen the fervour whipped up by "vicious dogs" (several of the dogs mentioned were not pit bull types). But we knew that already. So what next? Is education the real key here? Of course it is, but how to spread it? Suddenly those licenses aren't looking like such a bad idea. (Please please at least make a license mandatory to breed. To breed ANYTHING. Human babies included!)

I am such a downer. Here's a Panda Dog to cheer you up.


an American in Copenhagen said...

Shit. How do you keep your dog safe?

GoLightly said...

Would ya stop with the panda dog, already, skeers me everytime..

Cops follow training, but yeah, what you said.

weird, those pandadogs.

muttpuppiesontrial said...

Would ya stop with the panda dog, already, skeers me everytime..

NEVER! Our love is too real for you.

You live in Canada, GL, you must have heard about all the taserings. I sense cops are getting too trigger-happy these days. What are we letting out of the academy? Why aren't cops prepared for these situations?

GoLightly said...

They let out what they graduate. A lots of them are not animal friendly, or trained, or familiar with animals for that matter..
My charming (puke) neighbour has brought several police officers to our door.
Some were great with my dogs, some were not.
I don't think they're completely bad. When I worked the Animal Control job, I was very glad to have a cop with me on several calls.

Hah, which reminds me of one. Drug house call, me the AC & Police on site, police guns drawn, big burly officer behind me, as I enter the house with my catch pole at the ready. Doberman bitch on the couch rolls over on her belly for me to give her a rub.
Yeah, over-kill, literally. I hear ya.
The fear rises with the media hoopla.
But don't forget, they work with the worst of the worst, daily.

Well, except for me, of course. I gave them coffee, and my dogs licked their hands.

But they have to be more on a hair trigger edge, with dogs, if they don't know dogs. And you're right, most don't.

The taserings were pretty awful stories. But, we weren't there. Yeah, the guy in the hospital bed.
The guy at the airport in Vancouver. Poor souls.
I know, I know. Bad stories.

I've been there. It's got to be hard to always be able to do the right thing, in the heat of just staying alive.

Always thought I'd make a good cop.
Well, maybe not.
RedHeads shouldn't pack weapons. Toooo tempting.