Friday, December 12, 2008


Yesterday I read about a dog whose owner was in a car accident. He dragged the man out through the windshield and kept him awake by licking his face until paramedics arrived.

Today my dog peed in my bed.

I forget why I wanted a dog.


We can thank Sil for this one. It's been too long since I visited Married to the Sea!

You'll appreciate this one if you've ever owned a feline. In the spirit of the season: How To Wrap Presents If You've Got a Cat.

TGIF, I'm off to strip my bedsheets.


GoLightly said...

(insert pleasant musical notes here)
Why was your dog IN your bed?
Juuuuust askin?
No dogs in the bed, is my rule.
Flip made that rule up for me, when she rolled in a lot of raccoon poooh.
Rusty always preferred to sleep beside my bed anyway.
I now own a "sleep number" bed, quite pricey. No dogs in that bed:)
Have a great Monday:)

muttpuppiesontrial said...

LOL, that's a good rule!
Tip's only allowed in my bed (or bedroom) when I'm in it too, and not at night. I used to keep him off but that rule went out the window after awhile. He's not a big shedder and he doesn't roll in things, so I don't usually mind..

I've always said he's not all there; his nervous peeing has gotten better with time but he still has bad days. Worst part is I don't want to yell at him because it'll just make him more nervous, I had to grin and bear it and tell him it was okay till his tail came back out from between his legs, while the puddle soaked into my sheets...
The price of a neurotic dog.
At least it's usually on the hardwood.

GoLightly said...

Awwww, poor Tip, how embarrassing.
Don't worry, Tip, I won't tell Flip:) Flip was a submissive pee-er for awhile when I first got her, she's gotten way more confident, and it has stopped. She's actually a little TOO confident now:)
Does Tip play tug?
Took a long time, but once Flip learned about tugging play, she got much more bold, and confident. Her tail took a long time to come out from between her legs, too. She'd lived in the shadow of her overly dominant mother for a long time. Now that she's the leader of Puppy Blaze, she's very bossy!
Blaze outweighs her by five pounds, and is an inch taller. No matter, Flip is TOP bitch.
(after me of course)

Scritches to Tip:)