Monday, September 22, 2008

What we're all about

Welcome to Muttpuppies on Trial! My little corner of the Internet, which I use to bash trend breeds and the silly people who breed them. And here is my disclaimer:

I believe you when you tell me your mixed-breed dog is smart, friendly, healthy, or all of the above. I am sure your mutt is a very nice pet who loves you and is good with kids and fetches the newspaper and sleeps on your feet and stuff. I think you're great for adopting your lil' mutt in favour of something classier.

Now, it's MY personal opinion that mixed breeds are no better and no worse than purebreeds. Given the choice, I would pick the predictability of a purebreed over the anomaly of a mutt any day. But I'm not out to get your beloved Heinz 57 or nothin'.

What I really cannot stand is the rising wave of designer dogs. You know the type. They're all small, white and fluffy, and they're taking over, from between the handles of plush Gucci handbags.

Okay, they're not ALL small white and fluffy. And they can't all fit in handbags. Only most of them can.

I don't like designer dogs, and, in the form of cross-examinations interspersed with the occasional commentary about other mutts and irresponsible breeding, I'm here to tell you why.

This court is now in session!

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